Grant Proposal Cover Letter

Writing a grant proposal cover letter is a serious and hard work. If you have no idea how to start your grant proposal cover letter you are welcomed to read the example that is proposed below.

Before writing grant proposal letter you are welcomed to learn all rules and main points that are necessary in this type of writing.

The cover letter should have the full summary of the proposal. Moreover it should have such information as your organization. You are recommended don’t write your grant proposal cover letter if you are not sure in your knowledge and writing skills.

Usually grand proposal cover letters are brief and have one page even less for introducing the applicant and summarizing an attached proposal. You see that writing this type of grant proposal cover letter requires good writing skills and knowing basic rules.

Sample Grant Proposal

Cover Letter
January 2, 2003
Mr. Fred Brown
Macalister Foundation
1295 Corporate Way
Summerville, OH 44123
Dear Mr. Brown:

In response to your request of last Tuesday, I am submitting this proposal to enhance the public safety with the City of Summerville by improving the overall physical fitness with the officers in the Summerville Police Department.

The Summerville Department of Public Safety hopes that your Foundation will respond favorably to this effort to far better serve the citizens of Summerville.
David Rachel

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